Cape Yachts

ABOUT:Responsive website for yacht brokerage
ROLE:Art direction, UX/UI design, & HTML, CSS, PHP, jQuery, WordPress coding
CLIENT:Cape Yachts
SOFTWARE:Photoshop, Dreamweaver, WordPress


After consulting with the client, I created a detailed sitemap using the information from the design call and the statement of work. This would be my basis for creating the necessary individual unique pages, template pages and forms in wireframe format.

Cape Yachts web site


The next step was creating wireframes of unique pages and templates. These would require client approval and the client could have up to 3 revisions. This step was to make sure the necessary elements essential to their particular business were incorporated into their website and in the right place keeping usability in mind.

Cape Yachts web site

Mini style guide/Palette

One design tool that would help me in the process is a color and typography palette. This would make sure the colors stayed consistent throughout the project, and if needed, another designer or developer could easily jump in to help on any project. This was just an internal design tool. The client had another company redesign their brand logo in the time it took me to design and build their website so the new brand launched with the new site.

Cape Yachts web site

Final site design

The final site was a one-page scrolling site. It had a sticky navigation menu attached to the right side of the browser window. It contained anchor links within the main home page as well as a search function. Some of the background images had parallax functionality.
Cape Yachts web site

If you are interested, here is a link to every site I designed and coded while working at Dominion Marine Media.

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